B17 campaign start

Saturday, January 11, 2014 - 09:00

Campaign new from the front.

Well the first battle showed us why we should all fear the Focke Wolf 190 BIG GUNS.


The skirmish found the four P38s in the centre of the table looking for Fritz, well Fritz or rather Oberleutnant Alfred Grislawski with his wing man flew right into the formation of 4 twin tailed devils, they of course being glory seeking Americans turned and gave chase While Betranger and his wolf pack closed in on the rear of the Americans seemingly un-noticed. The Americans fired wildly at Alfred and his wing man as they wove, climb and dived, utterly confusing the Americans.

However, every turn brought the Americans closer to Betranger and his pack. Finally after much cursing and shooting the American managed to shoot down on Alfreds wing man. The Americans finally awoke to the danger closing in on them, however “Luc with out the force” managed to close enough to Alfred and had him dead in his sights, however, the rookie for got to check around and focused only on the kill that he did not notice a Wolfe that had appeared at close range to him, he fired missing Alfred, however, the Wolfes teeth where sharp and ripped the twin tailed devil to shreds as cannon and mg shots ripped his plan apart, Luc tried to jump clear of the wreckage, however his parachute tangled with his tail, that would not have matter much as Luc had been torn to bits by canon fire.

As the battle swirled one then the next American ran out of ammo or belching smoke from his fuselage. Betrange was caught in viscous melee in the air, he tried to climb out of the fur ball, however, since he forgot his smart phone with the app on how to avoid a stall when chased by an angry bird stalled out and lost control. At this point the Americans where down to one damaged plane and one un hurt but out of canon ammo. The tried to break for the friendly edge which now seemed to far away. The damaged plane tired to close with the wolf and was shot down. The lone remaining P38 went to full power and headed for home, pursed by two Wolfes, one flown by a Johannes Seifert a veteran of the Easter front. Johannes tried a number of times to get on his tail but this American was slippery, finally the American made a mistake and Johannes had a point blank shot into the rear of the P38. The American jerked his stick just at the right moment to avoid destruction; however, his plane was badly damaged. His only chance was not to reverse, be using an Immelman. He climbed and rolled, the last thing he heard was the snapping and tearing of right wing as it parted from his plane.


Victory for the Germans.
German Befranger came away with five experience points with pulled him out of the ranks of the other green pilots.
Oberlt. Grislawski gained two points and is also now a skilled pilot.

The Germans earned 10 VPs
The Americans eked out 4 VPs