Flags for the American Civil War


We have been playing the ACW for a substantial number of years by now and lately have also begun to produce flags for all our regiments. Again, the basis for these flags is from Ian Croxall's WARFLAGS and we owe a lot of thanks to this page. Some of the flags you will find here may also be available at the WARFLAGS site, but they will be slightly altered to suit our specific purposes.

Union flags

This is the collection of flags for the union line. Hopefully, in the future the collection will get even bigger, but for now these are the flags that are available. First we have a series of organizational flags:

  1. 1st Division Cavalry Corps of the Army of Potomac.
  2. 2nd Division Cavalry Corps of the Army of Potomac.
  3. 3rd Division Cavalry Corps of the Army of Potomac.
  4. I Corps HQ. Includes Artillery Brigade, I Corps.
  5. I Corps, 1st Division. 1st, 2nd and 3rd brigade.
  6. I Corps, 2nd Division. 1st, 2nd and 3rd brigade.
  7. I Corps, 3rd Division. 1st, 2nd and 3rd brigade.
  8. II Corps HQ. Includes Artillery Brigade, II Corps.


Next is a collection of generic state and regimental colours.

  1. Regimental and state colours of New Jersey
  2. Regimental and state colours of Vermont
  3. Regimental and state colours of Pennsylvania
  4. Regimental colours of Maine
  5. Regimental colours of Delaware
  6. Regimental colours of Ohio
  7. Regimental colours of Massachusetts
  8. Regimental colours of Wisconsin
  9. Regimental and state colours of Kentucky
  10. Regimental flag of the 3rd US colored troops
  11. Variations of regimental and state colours
  12. Regimental colours of Maryland
  13. Regimental colours of Rhode Island
  14. Regimental colours of West Virginia
  15. Regimental colours of New York
  16. Regimental colours of Connecticut
  17. Regimental colours of Missouri

And finally, a series of specific regimental flags.

  1. 1st Michigan Infantry Regiment
  2. 2nd Wisonsin Infantry Regiment (Iron Brigade)
  3. 4th Maine Regiment Infantry
  4. 6th Wisonsin Infantry Regiment (Iron Brigade)
  5. 7th Wisonsin Infantry Regiment (Iron Brigade)
  6. 8th New York State Militia Regiment
  7. 11th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry
  8. 11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Iron Brigade)
  9. 15th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment (The Scandinavian Regiment)
  10. 17th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
  11. 21st Ohio Veteran Volunteer Regiment
  12. 26th Colored Troops
  13. 32nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
  14. 51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
  15. 54th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  16. 55th New York Volountier Infantry (Garde de Lafayette)

Confederate flags

Our collection of confederate flags is not as impressive as the union flags, but still you may find some of the flags that you were just looking for. Much of the information is based on the Flags of the Confederacy page.

  1. Robert E. Lee's headquaters.
  2. Divisional flag for Beckenbridges Division
  3. Brigade flag for Cummings Brigade, Stevensons Division
  4. HQ of General Dabney Maury, Mobile Alabama 1864
  5. Brigade flag for Missouri Brigades of Bowens Division
  6. Bonnie Blue
  7. Alabama secession flag
  8. Flags of North Carolina.
  9. Flags of Georgia.
  10. Regimental flags for confederate Maryland
  11. 2nd and 28th Virginia (light version).
  12. 2nd and 28th Virginia (dark version).
  13. 2nd and 28th Virginia and generic Virginia flags.
  14. 4th & 14 Virginia Cavalry and 7th Alabama Cavalry.
  15. 1st Regiment og South Carolina Rifles
  16. 3rd Mississippi Infantry
  17. 6th Missouri Infantry (Van Dorn Style)
  18. Emerald Guard's company of 8th Alabama
  19. 11th Mississippi Infantry
  20. 14th Mississippi Infantry
  21. 15th Alabama Infantry
  22. 17th Tennessee Infantry
  23. 30th Arkansas Infantry
  24. 39th North Carolina Infantry
  25. Virginia Military Institute

In producing the flags presented on this page we have used a number of different sources. Obviously the Ospreys series books on flags and colours of the American Civil War have been used extensively, but also the many websites established by the different states have been used. Here you can volumes of information about flags and colours of the troops of the various states. The sources most used include the flag conservation projects of the following states:
- Maine - New York - Alabama - Iowa - Michigan - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Tennessee - Ohio - Illinois