Battle of the Coral Sea

Naval battle on the 4 maj 1942 between Nippon Kaigun (IJN) and USN.


It is five months after the attack on Pearl Harbor and The Empire of Japan is advancing rapidly through Southeast Asia and seem unstoppable. Japan has taken Malaya, the Philippines, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, Wake Island, the Gilbert Islands and Guam.


A few months ago, IJN landed in the Australian Trust Territory of New Guinea and established bases at Rabaul and Lae. USN and RAAN has struck back and Australian land forces are resisting the Japanese on the islands. Japan has launched several bombing raids on Darwin, Australia.


When the battle starts the Japanese has just captured Tulagi, the capital of British Solomon Islands.


The battle is played at operational level which means you will be controlling the entire OOB for the Battle of the Coral Sea.


Requirements to participate


You have to be able to handle a game utterly lacking miniatures. Miniatures from other game systems can be brought along to alleviate any miniature withdrawal symptoms.


No knowledge of the game system necessary. Flat Top is an old Avalon Hill game and the system itself is fairly easy. I’m gamemastering the whole thing, so knowing the rules is unnecessary. I’ve attached a short game instruction, in Swedish, which you might read before, if you wish.


The game is played double blind, which means you only see what your forces see.


Hope to see some players





Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 17:00