Modern 28mm Skirmish

After capturing the radio station intact, Task Force Nijmegen is reinforced by Task Force Rakkashans and Task Force Bastogne. The next objective is to expand the bridgehead and prevent the forces from the Chinese 15th Airborne Army to mount a coordinated counter attack.

US mission:
Elements of the 2nd battalion, Task Force Bastogne, US 101st Airborne have landed outside a strategic crossroad near Kota Marudu in Malaysia, north of Brunei. Elements of Company G must size the crossroad by holding the buildings overlooking it. They must prevent any PLA units from taking the position.

PLA mission
The PLA Navy provided minimal early warning of the American airborne assault. With the American bridgehead intact, it is vital to counterattack before they can consolidate their position. Attack at once, any delay could be fatal.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 19:00