After action report from wed. 29

After action report.
The side road to Caen.

RIGHT FLANK. Beginning.
The British are coming up the area with 2 platoons of infantry and tank support. On the right flank the commander 2nd. Lt. Allain “in the woods” Print moved towards the stream in the woods on the right flank and stumbled on Germans running into a small house garden in the middle of the woods. The Germans running headless into the garden belonged to Lieutenant Mikael ”no tanks” Wassman, and the amount of luck that first section had, not being cut in half by well aimed English fire, is what he is known for (and he do not even have a rabbit).
Allain having got a 6 pdr. to his disposal fell back to a stone wall in the woods waiting on the German counter attack. This did come at once as the Lucky section had found a stash of food and drink in the wood house and was getting their spirits up (+1 moral) to Mikael´s troops.

LEFT FLANK. Beginning.
2nd Lt. John Happy had a mission and nothing was to stop him, after taking the church he personally took a 2 man patrol to the main objective, the east, west road to have a look for nasty surprises. While he was undertaking this task his 2nd section under leadership of senior sgt. Lester “I stand tall” Just Shoot engaged in a fire fight with a German section under command of German commander Jasper “no luck” Neumann.
Even both sections had great cover and almost the same firepower,(the Gremans even had a sniper) the Germans was cut to bits. The German rifle team fled the house with the commander, while the junior leader (wounded) got the MG42 gunner to use smoke to cover the house.
John Happy got to the road and ran back to tell the news of no enemy to the east, this released a M5 halftrack coming up the road that he was in need of and a 28 pdr. Gun to put some weight in the attack on the road.

Centre. Beginning.
The British commander Henry “the grosser” Hogvally was very limited in his choices (4 command dices), the road coming up from the beach he knew was covered by a JgPanther and the second road had a bridge that could not hold his tanks (of map). He sent in a scout team to take a look at the crossroads and try to asses the situation before moving up with the tanks.
On the hill in the woods with a perfect line of fire the German commander Neffets “unlucky even with a rabbit” Müller looked for the enemy, have been in combat all morning and now stuck with a broken engine. Waiting on the mechanics his spirit and initative was low (4 command dice) but soon he saw the Sdkfz 250 comes racing over the French fields and into his wood. The mechanics jumps out and start working on the engine while smoke is rising from the crossroads. The britts have made it to the crossroads and placed smoke to let Henry move his tanks up the road. Leading is the commander himself (now with 5 command dice¨s) in a M4 Sherman followed by a firefly. First they take on the unlucky Germans in the middle house and then tries to support the scout team that have engaged some of Neffets panzer grenadiers at the crossroads. Now the Germans pop smoke and the command Sherman backs of.

At the end before next time.
Neffets gets his engine running and moves a bit forward so the JgPanther gets a better field of fire, back in the saddle and with initative again (5 command dice) he moves into position. Allain’s 6 pounder takes a pot shot with very little chance of doing any damage he hopes that commander Henry will bring up more fireflies. The anti tank gun hits and gets the attention for the JgPanther. This now turns and fires it’s gun at the crew in the field and from the road Mikael´s scout sdkfz 250 burst through an opening in the bocarge and with a long burst form the MG42 takes out the rest of the 6 pounder crew. At the wood house Mikael’s troops are at the stream and a Pak 35 anti‐tank gun with Stielgrenate is ready to join the action. Commander Neffets hears a Stug IIIG coming up the road to support him and his panzer grenadiers are still at it at the crossroads.
2nd Lt. Allain’s platoon suffers a drop in the moral from the lose of the support weapon. Commander Henry sees an opportunity and his command tank takes to the road to make a shot at Mikael’s scout 250 while his firefly tries a shot at the JgPanther. Needing a roll of 8 on both attacks he roll’s 7 and 7 (I would get a rabbit if I was him) His second firefly is blocking the road where John Happy sits in his M5 halftrack going nowhere and further back a Churchill is waiting to join the fun.

Looking forward to Wednesday.

Just heard that Commander Neffets will be replaced. Any takers ?