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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 16:00


Lester “The Gun” Johnson´s 1st mission. Flying a P47.

Location: West Europe with B17 on their way home.

4 P47 Thunderbolts.

6 B17 Queen of the ski flying fortress.


4 FW 190

2 Me 110 (with rockets)

Lester found himself flying wingman to the lead plane and a couple of Me110 was closing in on the B17. After his first maneuver a FW190 opened up on him from 6 o´clock and his engine was hit. Certain that his time was up he went into a power dive to get away from the FW190. He looked around and saw two FW190 on 3 o´clock and the two ME110 on his tail Fu.., SNAFU, motherf….. One of the FW190 found another target and by the protection of his lucky fishing hook from back home, he being from cape cod, all the other missed him.

As he dived out of the ski and headed home he saw the mighty four engine powerhouses fend for them self. A small prick of a FW190 got hammered and a ME110 got damaged as well. With nothing but superficial damage to one formation and a single damage to the B17 to the far port side of the formation it all went to an allied victory.

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